Laser Tag - The Game

LASER JEUX is equipped with facilities allowing up to 9 teams of different colours to compete at the same time. Enjoy our multi-level playing surface with top of the line laser tag equipment (phasers with LCD display and 2 firing functions) in an arena equipped with 3 interactive bases, 1 automated laser tower and awesome sound and light effects.


Tag you’re it!! The player’s goal is to tag their opponents as often as possible, while avoiding being tagged. An exhilarating game where several players or units compete against each other in a shooting simulation. Win the game by scoring as many points as possible by hitting the sensors on your opponent’s vest or phaser.

(Reserve online, payment on site during your visit)



Upon your arrival you will be provided with phasers and target vests. Step into the game zone and immerse yourself in a labyrinth of more than 4100 sq. ft. (380 m2), which can accommodate up to 25 players simultaneously. Once the game is over, the screen displays the players’ score and ranking.

Game duration:

Your laser tag game includes a briefing, codename selection, time to suit up and an intense 15 minutes of playing time. A new game starts every 20 minutes, so suit up and get back onto the battle field.




The following rules have been implemented for your safety. We urge you to review said guidelines in detail.

  • No physical contact

  • No abusive language

  • Be a team player and be respectful

  • No sitting

  • No kneeling

  • No lying down

  • No running

  • No outside food or drink will be permitted

group packages

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